What is Local Food

Here in Southern Ontario, we have some of the most nutrient rich land, yet we rely on a lot of imported food, processed food, and convenient food.

Our viewpoint of food since the industrial revolution has shifted from local to global. Imagine the layperson of old England eating a pineapple.  Yet, the trend of local food has yet again arisen with Alisa Smith & J. B. MacKinnon’s “100 mile diet: a year of eating locally” 

This poses a question to me: Is eating local really better?


  • Fresher, tastier food
  • Healthier, less preservatives
  • the knowledge of where the food has come from
  • more personal
  • free range meat


  • not a diverse diet
  • expensive
  • harder to find
  • not year round

By mentioning these, I hope to explore each point.

People are being more conscious about what they are putting into their bodies through food. We are also putting more emphasis on global environmental issues and how food is involved in those issues.

Local food is by far important. I am hoping to use this forum to find an answer to how important it is.


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4 thoughts on “What is Local Food

  1. To get the discussion started. I think many of the cons you mentioned are only skin deep, and what many people have been using for years to justify not eating locally. The fact is you would be surprised how many farms you would be able to find close to you that will have a diverse selection, at reasonable prices (Although, you might have to expand slightly over 100 miles, depending on where you live, but definitely not across time zones as we do know to buy foods out of season). They are, I agree, harder to find, but that is because lack of demand has forced these types of farms out of business. As to the not year round point, if you consider that people have been living for centuries without being able to transport foods from across the world, the argument quickly falls apart. What is needed is a little preparedness i.e. stocking up on items like potatoes and apples that have long self lives. Also, you can always can or freeze fruits and vegetables that are out of season to extend their lives.

    • Yes! Exactly, as I was writing this, I realized that all of the cons are easily won over. I will be talking about them later on in my blog, but you are right. With a little motivation eating local is not a huge challenge.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • I look forward to that. If you are looking for any recipes to use that local produce with be sure to check out my blog as well. Keep up the good writing!

  2. We try to eat pretty locally, but admittedly find it seriously challenging in the winter, and I find it difficult to get my kids to eat enough produce without offering them greater variety than my region can provide in some parts of the year.

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