Green Being Farm

Wow, check out this amazing farm located in Ontario! this incorporates everything i have been talking about over the last few months!

Here’s an exert from their site:

Green Being Farm is a little piece of heaven located east of Neustadt, Ontario. We raise animals outdoors, on pasture, with the highest regard for their needs and their impact on the environment. Our name, Green Being, reflects this — we allow animals to BE the creatures they are meant to be, and so we raise them in a way that does not compromise their dignity, or that of the environment. We strive to give them a happy stress-free life, feeding them only high quality certified organic grain, and allowing them complete access to green forages.

You can check out their website HERE

Great stuff!

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One thought on “Green Being Farm

  1. Being a strict vegetarian, with some vegan adjustments, I would hope that no animals would need to be slaughtered. Although, if animals must be placed on farms for this reason, it is a little comforting to see that they get to experience a happy and peaceful life until the time comes. If farm animals must die, this way is better than the slaughter houses and the cramped conditions of the ‘meat trucks’ which other animals have to deal with. Needless to say, I still say going vegetarian is the best way to support animal life and promote a healthier and sustainable environment.

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