Ontario hosting a Farm-to-School Challenge

Great Stuff Ontario! The Ontario Farm-to-School Challenge encourages schools to purchase Ontario-grown local food and food products for their student nutrition programs, cafeterias, hospitality/culinary programs and other events.

This is a great way to get students engaged more in what they eat and where that food is coming from. By starting early, and developing habits, eating local food will become more natural as they grow older.

You can learn more about it HERE

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3 thoughts on “Ontario hosting a Farm-to-School Challenge

  1. I’m a Con Ed student, and I think this sounds like a really cool idea to use in a school. We already teach students about the food guide and healthy eating so why not teach them about the benefits (like environmental) of eating local too?

  2. This is a wonderful idea for schools. Bringing in knowledge at a young age regarding healthy eating habits, pesticide use, and support local businesses will allow kids to be connected with the community and see how everything they do will affect someone else. Not only will this bring helpful eating habits to schools–and hopeful include some information about nutrition–but it will also provide students with the feeling of power and importance within their community. Although young, they have a place in society and can influence their peers and even their parents on eating locally and with proper nutritional intakes. Hopefully some of them will choose to go vegetarian or vegan too!

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