Urbanites it is your turn! Rooftop Farms!

Finally, urban-dwellers can participate in the enriching experience of being a gardener!

Amanda Kwan, the financial post, wrote about the greenhouses and farms up on top of those giant buildings. What could be better than using that space efficiently?

Here is an exert:

Sitting on top of an office building in Montreal is a 31,000-square-foot greenhouse. Inside are rows of hanging vines and trays bearing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, which are all grown hydroponically with no pesticides.

You can read the whole post HERE. It is a very interesting read!

So, any urban-dwellers that love to garden out there? What do you think? Is this a plausible idea?

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3 thoughts on “Urbanites it is your turn! Rooftop Farms!

  1. Watching movies or driving by buildings who have implemented this is a very uplifting feeling. This is great because it is slowly starting to bring back some of the green space which we have taken. It will never make up for the acres and acres of habitat which is destroyed, but it will promote eating locally and, in the case of general green garden, will promote planting trees and plants to help increase air quality (this will also add some needed natural colour to the populated concrete jungles).

  2. One last point I forgot to mention; In my research, I discovered that Trent University (located in Ontario) had (hopefully still has) a rooftop garden in the past. It was a large hit for both the students and local animals! Apparently, those running the garden even built a little tunnel for the neighbouring ground hogs which kept getting stuck on the roof. Now that is just wonderful! Great to see that there may still be hope for the capacity of kindness in humanity.

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